5 years at DW

I recently hit the 5 year mark.  Obviously, it feels like it flew by.  Yet somehow at the same time it feels like I’ve been there forever.
I can’t even begin to quantify how much I’ve learned during the last 5 years – but it’s A LOT.
And still going.

I also realized that I have worked on the last 4 DW releases (which is rare because of the overlapping schedules).
The Croods (upcoming)
Rise of the Guardians (upcoming)
Madagascar 3
Puss in Boots

In reality, my time on Mad3 was very short and I only did a small handful of shots.  I will have slightly more time on Croods, but still I joined the project when they were somewhere near 85% completion in animation.   So it really doesn’t count as being heavily involved in 4 releases in a row, though I can claim it as a technicality since my name will be in the end of each of them.  🙂

It’s a lame statistic, I know.




  1. Like I said I was only on it for a short time – just about 2 or 3 months. All of the shots I worked on had all the characters in it. Therefore, I got to animate on every character!

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